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"The truth about popular acne products"

Does it frustrate you that you've tried the best acne fighting products and none of them have worked?

best acne fighting products faceBy Oscar Gonzalez

Do you just get super mad every time you buy a new acne product but it doesn't live up to its claims? Face it- it's been impossible to find an acne product that actually works.

I want to tell you something that nobody else will. Every popular acne product is wrong. Every mainstream acne product fits into one of two categories.

Category 1: eliminate acne-causing bacteria by using topical solutions.

Category 2: eliminate acne-causing bacteria by using oral drugs.

The reason every popular acne treatment is wrong is because they assume that acne is caused by bacteria, but bacteria is not the problem.

The fact is, acne-causing bacteria lives on the face of every single human being. If bacteria were truly the problem, everybody would be vulnerable to it, just like the common cold.

I'll bet you know a lot of people who have never had a single zit, yet they too have acne bacteria on their face.

If you think that's interesting, why until you read what I've discovered.

By the time you finish reading this article, you'll know the true cause of acne and how to eliminate it completely and permanently.

Now, I'm not saying popular acne fighting products don't work they just don't work very well and they don't give you long-term results.

Popular acne products will help you get rid of bacteria but getting rid of bacteria is only a temporary solution because bacteria keeps coming back not matter what you do.

Neither of the mainstream approaches eliminates the fundamental cause of acne and neither of them will have your friends saying, "Wow, your skin looks amazing!" And, if you're like me, what your friends think of you is important.

And let's get real, acne doesn't just affect your skin- it affects every area of your life. In fact, it can become a "secret excuse" for why you're not happy, successful, confident, etc.

And, this "secret excuse" may be embedded so deeply into your mind that you don't even realize the effect that it's having on your life.

If you believe that somebody won't be attracted to you because of your acne, you won't even try to meet people- you'll just assume it's no use.

If you believe that a company won't hire you because of your acne- because you don't look "good enough"- you won't even pursue the opportunity. You'll give up before you even start.

This leads to even bigger problems like fear of going out, fear of talking to people and fear of getting intimate.

What will your life be like when you're no longer crippled by acne?

What would it be like to strike up a conversation with anyone- because you're totally confident in your skin?

How would it feel to get intimate with someone and be totally at ease?

How nice would it be to look in the mirror and love what you see?

So, how do you do this? How do you annihilate acne permanently?

Well, first you have to understand the true cause of acne…

Acne is not the result of bacteria, it is the result of imbalances in your body's biochemistry. Acne happens when a person that is genetically predisposed to acne develops biochemical imbalances.

There are quite a few things that cause biochemical imbalances:

All of these things are "acne triggers" which jump start breakouts.

None of them alone cause acne- it is how they work together like parts of an engine.

If your car wasn't running well, and you didn't know how to work on cars, you would take it in to a mechanic. He would plug it in to a computer to diagnose the problem and get an exact read out of what's wrong.

I'm going to show you how to diagnose and get an exact read out of what is going on inside your body- this will give you a blueprint you can use to pinpoint "acne triggers" and fix your acne problem once and for all.

Because everybody has a unique biochemistry, there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to annihilating acne. What worked for one person may not necessarily work for you.

With the help of my ebook ANIQ, you'll find out how to pin-point your unique "acne triggers".

Take a second and review the points above. When you do these things, you bring your body's biochemistry back into balance- and this will annihilate your acne forever.

Of course, what I shared with you here is just THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG.

If you really want to annihilate your acne for good, and get the beautiful skin you deserve, you need to get your hands on a copy of my ebook. It's a world-class education on how to balance your body's biochemistry.

Your investment in ANIQ is less than half the price you'd pay for a single visit to a Dermatologists office (which costs $75- $125 these days, and dermatologist usually prescribe 10-20 visits)- but the priceless knowledge you'll gain from it will unlock the beautiful, acne free skin you've been looking for!

Get the key to beautiful skin now: ANIQ Annihilate Your Acne

Acne Annihilation Tips

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